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Have you ever been been frustrated trying to search your database with the smallest fragment of  information?

If you have, then this program is for you. It will search all your members, serving or retired and in addition claims and documents. It will find the smallest piece of information you are looking for.

Searches can be the smallest snippet of information, which might be a name, part of an address, claim outcome or request. Quick Search will point you in the right direction as to where the snippet fits in your database as well as who and what it relates to.

In tests it can search approximately 115,000 records which is the total of members, claims and documents in a test database in approximately 10 seconds. (Computer specification dependent)

Never be at a loss finding the caller that left a partial message on the answerphone which may have been garbled. Quick search will find what you are looking for.


Easy to use
Extremely fast
Reliable results
Searches all fields
See result links
Simple to use

What Does It Cost

Competetively priced and includes 12 months of program updates. The software is not time limited and will continue working after the 12 month period. Upgrades can be pruchased at the prevailing rate at the time and will include a further 12 months of updates. Once copy of the software is required for each machine that you want to use it on.

Price £45 GBP

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