Service Analyser Version 2 - Membership Demographics System

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Is your workforce  experience and length of service decreasing at the same time that workforce age is increasing? At a glance you can now see the demographics of your organisation.

You are able to analyse the information contained in your membership database in finite detail and quickly. Calculations that may have taken some time to perform manually now take seconds to complete.

You are able to conduct searches such as 'What is the average age and service of all our female Inspectors?" for example. You can search for subscribers and non-subscribers. Service analyser can then export the information to Excel (if you have it installed) where it can be examined further and used in compiling your own reports.

Download the demonstration version, the limitation is that it only shows the first 50 matching records.

Download Demo Version


Easy to use
Extremely fast
Analyse by rank
Gender profile
Export results
Subscriber status

What Does It Cost

Competetively priced and includes 12 months of program updates. The software is not time limited and will continue working after the 12 month period. Upgrades can be purchased at the prevailing rate at the time and will include a further 12 months of updates. One copy of the software is required for each machine that you want to use it on.

Price £150 GBP
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